The Weekly Snapshot | Love Stump

by Brian on August 12, 2012 · 3 comments

A scene from my cousin's wedding this weekend, showing a tree stump with a love note carved into it

A small part of the beautiful setup for my cousin's "Festival of Love"

This Weekly Snapshot is from my cousin Monique’s wedding this weekend. This was no ordinary wedding, instead Monique and Andy threw a music festival in their backyard to celebrate their marriage. This was one of many beautiful decorations setupĀ for the festival throughout their yard at The Good Luck Lodge, a fishing lodge they own near the Salmon RiverĀ in Pulaski, NY. We had a great time at the wedding dancing, dining, and listening to great music by Armory Square Irish Band, The Ruddy Well Band (Monique and Andy’s band), The Prickers, and one of our favorite bands, The Sim Redmond Band.

Thanks for a great time Monique and Andy!

Canon Powershot S95 Photo Properties – f number: 4, exposure time: 1/250, focal length: 6

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